Khama, The Great African Chief

Title Khama, The Great African Chief

"Khama, The Great African Chief" is a biography of the famous African ruler, Khama III, who ruled the Bamangwato people of Botswana in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Written by John Charles Harris, a British colonial administrator who knew Khama personally, the book provides a detailed account of Khama's life and leadership, as well as his interactions with the British colonial authorities. Harris portrays Khama as a wise and benevolent leader who navigated the challenges of colonialism with great skill while remaining true to his people's traditions and values. The book also offers insights into the social and political dynamics of Botswana during this period and sheds light on the complex relationships between African rulers and European colonizers. Through its engaging narrative and vivid descriptions, "Khama, The Great African Chief" provides a valuable window into the history of southern Africa, and the struggles and achievements of its people in the face of colonialism and oppression.

Author John Charles Harris
Publisher London, The Livingston Press
Publication Date 1922
Edition seventh 1928
Number of Pages 112
Length [mm] 184
Width [mm] 123
Depth [mm] 10
Condition good

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Reference: RLDLB 049

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