Le Swahili simplifié

Title Le Swahili simplifié

Written in French, 'Le Swahili simplifié' is a guidebook to simplified Swahili, a variation of the Swahili language developed in the mid-20th century for education and communication purposes across East Africa. The book provides a concise and accessible introduction to simplified Swahili, with a focus on vocabulary, grammar, and practical usage. With its clear explanations and examples, "Le Swahili simplifié" remains a valuable resource for anyone interested in this important and widely spoken African language.

Author P.M. Wilson
Publisher Kenya Literature Bureau, Nairobi
Publication Date 1970
Edition french (after 7 editions in English, last in 1977)
Number of Pages 617
Length [mm] 184
Width [mm] 127
Depth [mm] 34
Condition good

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Reference: RLDLB 053

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