Mainane Tswana Tales

Title Mainane Tswana Tales

"Mainane Tswana Tales" is a collection of traditional folktales from Botswana, compiled and edited by Susheela Curtis. The tales are presented in both English and Setswana, the local language, and cover a wide range of topics, from the exploits of trickster animals to the adventures of brave hunters and warriors. Each story is accompanied by detailed illustrations, and the book also includes information about the history and culture of the Tswana people. "Mainane Tswana Tales" offers a fascinating glimpse into the oral traditions of this African society and is a valuable resource for anyone interested in folklore and storytelling."

Author Susheela Curtis
Publisher Botswana Book Centre, Botswana
Publication Date 1975
Edition First
Number of Pages 70
Length [mm] 211
Width [mm] 137
Depth [mm] 8
Condition Good

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Reference: RLDLB 279

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