Coillard of the Zambezi

Title Coillard of the Zambezi

"Ciollard of the Zambezi" is a biography of François Coillard, a French missionary who worked in central and southern Africa during the late 19th century. The book describes Coillard's travels, mission work, and relationships with African leaders and European colonial officials. It also examines his efforts to promote Christianity, education, and European-style agriculture in Africa, and his attempts to mediate between African communities and colonial powers. Overall, the book provides a detailed portrait of Coillard and his work and sheds light on the complex interactions between missionaries, colonizers, and Africans in the late 19th century. Stuart Cloete was a white South African writer who held racist beliefs, and some of his writings have been criticized for promoting colonialist and imperialist views.

Author C. W. Mackintosh
Publisher T. Fisher Unwin London
Publication Date 1909
Edition third
Number of Pages 484
Length [mm] 207
Width [mm] 140
Depth [mm] 55
Condition fair

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Reference: RLDLB 201

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