Animals and Desire in South African Fiction

Title Animals and Desire in South African Fiction

"Animals and Desire in South African Fiction" is a compelling examination of the role of animals in the literary imagination of South Africa. Jason D. Price argues that animals play a vital role in shaping South African cultural identity, particularly in relation to issues of race, gender, and sexuality. Drawing on a range of South African novels and short stories, Price explores the complex ways in which animals are used to represent desire, power, and other social and political tensions in post-apartheid South Africa. He also examines the ways in which South African writers have challenged traditional Western understandings of the human-animal divide and advocated for more inclusive and ethical relationships between humans and non-human animals. Through his insightful analysis, Price sheds light on the unique contributions of South African literature to the broader field of animal studies, while also highlighting the ongoing struggles for social justice and environmental sustainability in contemporary South Africa. This book is a valuable resource for scholars of literature, animal studies, and postcolonial studies, as well as anyone interested in the intersection of animals and culture.

Author Jason D. Price
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Publication Date 2017
Edition first edition
Number of Pages 265
Length [mm] 210
Width [mm] 147
Depth [mm] 10
Condition good

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Reference: RLDLB 029

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