Beads and Beadwork of West and Central Africa

Title Beads and Beadwork of West and Central Africa

This book provides an overview of the fascinating and diverse world of beads and beadwork in West and Central Africa. It explores the history and significance of beads in African culture, including their use as currency, adornment, and symbols of status and identity. The author describes the various types of beads used in African beadwork, including glass, stone, bone, shell, and metal, and provides detailed information on the techniques used to create beadwork designs. The book also includes information on the social and cultural contexts of beadwork, including its role in traditional African ceremonies and rituals. Richly illustrated with photographs and diagrams, this book is an excellent resource for anyone interested in African culture and the art of beadwork.

Author Margret Carey
Publisher Shire Publications Ltd.
Publication Date 1991
Number of Pages 56
Length [mm] 218
Width [mm] 150
Depth [mm] 5
Condition Good

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Reference: RLDLB 371

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