Africa Answers Back

Title Africa Answers Back

Published in 1936, "Africa Answers Back" is a collection of essays written by H.H. Prince Akiki K. Nyabongo, a prominent African leader and scholar. The essays address the pervasive myths and stereotypes that had long been used to justify European colonialism in Africa and challenge the racist assumptions underlying Western attitudes towards the continent. Drawing on his deep knowledge of African history and culture, Nyabongo argues for the recognition of Africa's rich cultural heritage and its contributions to human civilization. He also advocates for African self-determination and political independence, challenging the European powers to respect the rights and aspirations of African peoples. Despite being written over 80 years ago, "Africa Answers Back" remains a powerful and relevant critique of colonialism and an inspiring call for justice and equality for all Africans.

Author H.H. Prince Akiki K. Nyabongo
Publisher George Routledge & Sons Ltd., Broadway House
Publication Date 1936
Number of Pages 278
Length [mm] 189
Width [mm] 127
Depth [mm] 36
Condition good

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Reference: RLDLB 015

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